Scott RichardsScott Richards
Father . Designer . Furniture Maker

I am a life-long artist and designer. I have taught fine arts and design for over 22 years. I have been employed as a designer, as well as, owned and operated my own freelance web/graphic design and photography/videography businesses.
Three years ago I began crafting end and coffee tables for our home – completing all the work in my 150 sq ft shed. After a few hot Summers and frigid Winters I decided to step it up a notch and lease a space.  After much searching and scouring of the NKY/Cincinnati area I finally found the perfect location – just 3 minutes from my home in the heart of Ft. Thomas, KY. My new space is an expansive 1500 sq ft. – providing me enough space for a wood shop/photo studio and retail area. With the larger space I am now able to  focus my attention on larger scale projects.